bring peace to your day with virtual private music lessons



Lessons at our physical location on Bridge Street have been moved to an all virtual platform, available from the convenience of your home! Join us online via video conference for our top rated music lessons, with one of our highly qualified and nurturing teachers.

Become a part of our musical community, and feel the healing power that music can offer.

Online lessons are available for all ages and ability. Review our lessons policies for more information.

While we anticipate returning to our Bridge Street location upon the containment of COVID-19, we welcome students interested in continuing the online format with us beyond that point.

What our students are saying about online lessons:

"My teacher is so kind a caring, especially now during the pandemic! When we do the virtual lessons, she makes me feel so comfortable just like in the music studio! Shout out to Miss Lindsay!!! Thanks so much for everything you all do! She made up this really cool game to keep us entertained during our lessons too! It's so fun!!" -Sarah

"This is a crazy time. Your emails have been thoughtful and inspiring. Your creative efforts in dealing efficiently and quickly with this crisis have been amazing. I am also enjoying learning about Zoom. Thanks so much." -Janice